Q.   I am new to clay shooting and confused about the whole concept of chokes.  Please can you tell me more about chokes and their uses?

A.   Choke, in its simplist definition is a narrowing of the bore diameter at the muzzle. It is used to control the spread of the shot to give a better chance at hitting the intended target at the given distance. For close targets, a more open choke is used and a wider pattern is produced. For targets further away, a tighter choke will hold the pattern together for longer, until it reaches the required distance. It can be very useful to know how well your chokes perform at various distances, to help eliminate some of the guess work.

The subject of chokes is often discussed in great detail, and can become very confusing to the novice. To make it simple, chokes are not the most important factor, priority must be given in the following order:

Choosing the correct choke is very important to maximise your scores at the various disciplins. By understanding chokes, it will also help you eliminate one less 'worry' when shooting, you will know that you have chosen the correct choke for the distance required, leaving you free to focus on the shot. Should you miss the target, you will be able to look elsewhere for the problem and hopefully correct it.

The choke tube to the shooter is like a golf club to a golfer, in both cases you must select the correct tool for the distance of the target. It is a good idea to pattern your chokes to the cartridges you use, this will help to give you some idea of the diameter of shot spread at various ranges. This will also aid in building confidence in both your chokes and cartriges. Once you have found a combination you are happy with, stick to it, as it can upset your timing if you keep changing.

Gun speed also plays a part in selecting the correct choking. If your swing is quite fast it will slightly favour a more open choking, whereas a slow, deliberate swing will require more choke, as the shot string will not be so much to your advantage.

With all this in mind, it is also worth remembering that the quality and accuracy of chokes can vary considerably, which will obviously have a huge impact on the end result. If a choke marked up as 1/4 is 4 or 5 thou tighter, then in reality you could be shooting a choke as tight as 3/8!Teague Precision Chokes only manufacture chokes of the highest quality and accuracy, to allow you complete confidence in the choke you select.

Q.   Can I use steel shot with Teague Chokes?

A.   Yes, Teague Chokes are manufactured from high tensile stainless steel. We recomend no more than 1/2 choke be used.

Q.   Do I need my gun modified to take these chokes?

A.   No,  the chokes are designed to be a direct replacement for factory multi-choke Browning and Beretta 12 gauge shotguns.

Our sister company 'Precision Chokes', offer a complete gun modification and fitting service.

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